Keep Your Galion Pooches Legal: Time to Get That Dog License

Updated for 2018!

This post is for dog owners in Galion, Ohio. You only have about a month left, as of this late December posting, to get your dog licenses.

Dog Licenses to Keep Your Pooches Legal

Any dog that's over three months old is required, by state law, to be licensed - and that licensing period rolls around every winter - with January 31 being the last day to get your dog's tags before the price DOUBLES.

(Paying double makes for one heck of a big late fee - and that's why I wanted to get the info out there now - for anyone who may forget - a month ahead of time.)

Where to Get Your Dog Tags in Galion Ohio

There are several places for Galionites to get your dog licenses - in Galion, Ohio - over the internet or by mail - or by visiting one of the neighboring cities to get them at the locations mentioned below.
  1. As a Crawford County Ohio city, Galionites can order dog tags over the internet
  2. Visit Horizon Animal Hospital at 933 Bucyrus Road, Galion, Ohio 44833 to pick up tags.
  3. Make a trip to Bucyrus to pick up tags at the Crawford County Auditor's office or the Crawford County Humane Society.
  4. Print out, fill, and mail this form and your payment to the Crawford County Auditor's office. The details are shown on the top of the form. 
  5. Visit the Crestline Advocate's office at 312 North Seltzer Street in Crestline, or
  6. Go to the New Washington Herald's office at 625 South Kibler Street in New Washington. 

Why Dog Licenses Are So Important

If your dog gets lost, having a current tag on its collar helps the dog warden get it back to you quicker. 

You might never get your dog back - even if it's found - if you don't have a license for it. If your dog gets lost and you don't have tags for it, you can't prove it's legally yours. 

It can end up costing you a lot more if you don't get tags - there are Municipal Court non-licensure fines you'll have to pay if you get caught with a  dog that isn't licensed. 

So, while it may be inconvenient to buy dog tags, the heartache and expense it saves you later makes it worth paying that 16 bucks (per dog license) now - before January 31st - when the price doubles. 

Info brought to you by: Ré

A Stroll Down Memory Lane in Galion, Ohio

I was so excited to see a video clip of one of my favorite Galion, Ohio venues - Memory Lane - on the news this morning. I love the way Memory Lane combines automotive history, classic cars and pretty much everything I remember from growing up as a kid in the sixties. Check out the video clip below and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Memory Lane is right on the main street (Harding Way) in Galion, a little over half a block off the square. The museum is fun to visit and... well... to borrow from its name... a great way to take a stroll down Memory Lane.

Review by: Ré If the video disappears agian, let me know and I'll try to fix it. It's disappeared three times so far.

Review of Oreo Bites from Galion Arby's

A stop at Galion Arby's today is the inspiration for this review of Oreo Bites. Oreo Bites are a new product at Arby's, and they're only here for a limited time.

Oreo Bites From Galion Arby's
Oreo Bites From Galion Arby's

My Review of Oreo Bites Picked Up at Galion Arby's

The convenience of going through the drive through won out over taking a seat in the dining area, but I pulled over right after I got the food to get pictures while it was fresh and hot.

The Oreo Bites weren't quite what I expected. The flavor was exceptional, rich and chocolatey. But, they were pretty dry. Just like Oreo cookies, these babies would be best with a  glass of cold milk or some coffee. There was crème filling in the center, but it was such a small dollop of filling it didn't add much creamy texture to this dessert. So, if I were giving these stars, I would give them a four out of five stars for the flavor, and three out of five stars for texture. Have you tried them? I would love to hear what others think of Arby's Oreo Bites.

The Drive Up Service at Galion Arby's

The guy working at the drive up window was exceptional - efficient and pleasant. He was friendly and seemed happy. The service was quick and everything went smoothly. Kudos to the management on hiring this guy - he was very nice to do business with.

The Curly Fries at Arby's

Since I'm reviewing the Oreo Bites, I might as well go over the rest of the experience, too. The curly fries were hot, as if they had just come out of the fryer - but - they were very dry and didn't taste fresh. Usually, the fries at Arby's are really good, so it was a surprise that they were a bit off today.

The Arby's Classic Roast Beef Sandwich

The sandwich was just about as close to perfect as any roast beef sandwich I've ever had. The bun was lightly toasted. The meat was tender and juicy. I didn't bite into any gristle or rubbery spots. The sandwich had a buttery flavor, which complemented everything nicely.

All in all, my stop at Galion Arby's was positive, and my review of Oreo Bites is one of the better parts of the meal, though the roast beef sandwich was, in my humble opinion, the clear winner for flavor and texture.

Review by: Ré

Great Service at Galion Subway Restaurant

I stopped at the Galion Subway restaurant tonight and thought sharing my experience would be a perfect way to introduce another Galion restaurant here on the Galionite blog.

The sandwich shown below is roasted chicken breast with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on Italian herbs and cheddar bread - after the drive home. It was much prettier in the store before crushing and transporting.

Galion Subway Sandwich
Galion Subway Sandwich

The Service at the Galion Subway Restaurant

I go to the Galion Subway about once a month, and have for years. The service is pretty consistently good, and the food is almost always really fresh. I stopped there tonight and the service was exceptional. The workers seemed happy and were even singing to themselves while preparing the food. To me, that says the management is doing something right when the workers are happy like that.

Food Quality at Galion Subway

The freshness and quality of the food is even more important, and everything at my visit tonight was top notch. There have been times in the past when the toppings looked a bit off, like tomatoes that aren't quite the normal shade of red and brown lettuce, but those things are easy to pass on if you notice they don't look right.

Subway Rewards Points

Galion Subway participates in the company's reward points program, where customers can swipe their Subway card every time they make a purchase to earn points. The points can then be exchanged for food items. It's a nice thank you for customers.

(There are some Subways in the area that don't participate in the Subway Rewards points program, and I personally won't go to the ones that don't because I believe franchisees should participate in company programs to give customers a consistent experience at every store.) 

Thanks for reading my review of the Subway restaurant in Galion, Ohio; and if you would like to share an experience you've had at Galion Subway, feel free to leave your story in the comments section below.

Review by: Ré

What Makes Discount Drug Mart & Food Fair Unique for Shopping in Galion?

Discount Drug Mart & Food Fair is one Galion store that always surprises me. I think of it as a pharmacy because of its name, but it's more like a mini department store with a pharmacy in the corner.

Discount Drug Mart & Food Fair

The store's motto is that they're "more than just a drug store" - and they really do have so much more than a traditional drug store. Most of their prices are fairly competitive, too.

For example of price comparison, my dog's favorite canned food is two cents higher at Discount Drug Mart compared to buying it at Walmart, but when I add in the cost to drive to the next town, it becomes much cheaper for me to get it at Discount Drug Mart unless I'm in Bucyrus or Ontario for something else anyway. 

Their departments include:
  1. Automotive where you can get some basic car maintenance supplies and some unexpected car-related items.
  2. Beverages where the selection includes sodas, teas, juices, milk and alcoholic beverages.
  3. Cosmetics and Beauty Products where the selection includes makeup, skin care, hair care and other grooming supplies.
  4. Dairy Case where items like cheeses, butter, milk and eggs are available.
  5. Deli offers fresh cut lunch meats, cheeses, and side dishes like pickled eggs and coleslaw. 
  6. Greeting Cards and small gifts like calendars and chocolates plus gift wrapping supplies are available.
  7. Groceries include a pretty much anything most people need to make a basic, or even complex meal. Things like pasta, sauces, bread and cereals are available.
  8. Hardware offerings include a lot of smaller items for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. For example, I needed a hook for my chicken coop door one night when mine broke. The other hardware store in town was closed because it was later in the evening, and Discount Drug Mart had the exact kind of hook I needed - plus - it was under a dollar. 
  9. Health Needs covers pretty much all the traditional pharmacy-type goods. The selection is great. I have found the staff rarely knows what I'm asking for if I ask for something by its generic name, but if I know the brand, they lead me right to what I need. 
  10. Household Supplies like toilet paper, dish soap, and cleaning products are available. 
  11. Meat - The meat counter isn't very big, but there is a good selection given the small space, and every time I have picked up meat at Discount Drug Mart and Food Fair in Galion, the quality has been exceptional. 
These 11 departments are really just a brief summary of the items available at Discount Drug Mart & Food Fair. They also have items as varied as coffee makers, electric skillets and videos available to rent. 

Discount Drug Mart and Food Fair is located at 739 Carter Drive in Galion, Ohio. The pharmacy has a drive-up window for people who prefer to stay in their vehicles. Arby's is across the drive, plus East of Chicago Pizza and Goodwill are located in the same section of strip mall as Discount Drug Mart & Food Fair.

Review by: Ré

Be sure to visit the Shopping in Galion page here on to find info on other great places to shop in Galion, Ohio.

Must-Try Dish at Galion's El Tarasco

El Tarasco is the charming Mexican restaurant behind McDonald's on Portland Way North in Galion (right next to one of Galion's Chinese restaurants). The setting is colorful, with a small but pretty bar area on the right when you go in.

El Tarasco's Must-Try Taco Salad

I've had really great meals there over the years, and a few flops, but the taco salad is one dish that's been consistently good - so it's my Must Try Dish at El Tarasco's.

(If you try it, be sure to stop back and let everyone know how it was for you in the comment area below.)

The dish is colorful and the flavors are great, though a little tame. The spices are mild, but there's hot sauce on the table for guests who want to add some fire to it.

I've often asked for accommodations, like leaving of the guacamole because I don't care for it, and the workers have always been pleasant about that.

What to Expect

When you're seated, or shortly after, someone takes your drink order and brings you a dish of salsa and a basket of tortilla chips.

The salsa is lightly spiced with a fresh, lightly sweet flavor. The chips are your average tortillas, unless you get there when they're freshly warmed. When they're still warm, they are really excellent instead of just good.

The food is - in all my experiences there so far - brought out quickly. The servers are friendly about offering drink refills, though some are faster than others and how often they check back also depends how busy they are.

I've heard the margarita's are excellent there, but have never tried them. Comments welcome on those, too...

Review by: Ré

Welcome to the Galionite Website!

This is the first post for, to introduce the site to anyone interested in learning more about Galion, Ohio.

As the site grows, expect to information on find things to do, places to eat, news about things going on in the city and facts about the town's history.

The Galionite

The purpose of the site is to share information about a great small town, and to help fill some perceived gaps in access to information and news about the city.

Expect to find a lot of reviews of local businesses as the site develops.

For the most part, our reviews will always be items we've purchased and inspired by our experiences, like this review of Tubby's Pizza.

If we EVER post a review of a product or place that has been promoted, so to speak, with free products or remuneration of any kind, that will be posted at the top of the review.

Comments, news releases and your stories about Galion are welcomed and encouraged, and you're also welcome to reach out via email at

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