Galion Oktoberfest 2019

Today is the third and final day of Galion Oktoberfest 2019, and I would like to extend my compliments to the organizers of the event for putting together a great event!

I checked it out last night and saw a lot of happy people; kids having fun on the rides, adults catching up with old friends.... food... so much food...

Visit Galion Oktoberfest 2019 Today

I'm a little late in sharing about this year's event, which is back (and still going on as of today, September 28, 2019) after a brief hiatus when the previous Oktoberfest organizer stepped down due to illness, so I wanted to share the event flyer and remind everyone about the event.

Galion Oktoberfest 2019 Event Flyer
Galion Oktoberfest 2019 Event Flyer

I guess I should apologize for this post being a bit short, but I have some other work waiting and I need to get on it because I have a festival to get to... hey... head on uptown and maybe I'll see you at the Galion Oktoberfest!

Information About Avita Healthcare System in Galion

Galion Hospital: commitment to excellence in wellness.

By R. V. Tucker 

Galion Community Hospital stands behind its name by proudly serving its direct and adjacent communities with an array of services. As a patient, you can be sure your healthcare needs will be met. 

Knowledgable Medical Professionals at Avita Healthcare System in Galion

Not only is there a knowledgeable team of nurses and medical professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but Galion Hospital also hosts an extensive network of outpatient and/or aftercare providers. In which they specialize in everything from occupational and physical therapy to wound care and home health care. 

Rest assured, Galion is with you every step of the way. 

Network of Healthcare Providers and Specialists Through the Galion Hospital

Need additional specialists and providers in critical areas such as; endocrinology, oncology, bariatrics, or nephrology, the Galion hospital has you covered? As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Avita Healthcare System, they can offer you an unparalleled network of healthcare providers that spans the tri-county area. 

Paying for Healthcare in Galion

You may be thinking to yourself all of this is great, but what about the lofty bill that always comes after? Not to worry, as a member hospital of Avita Healthcare System, Galion can accept a myriad of insurance plans to cover the cost of services provided. 

Free Services for the Community of Galion

In fact, an added benefit to entrusting Avita Healthcare System with your healthcare needs is that they pride themselves on providing 2 and a half times the number of healthcare services devoid of remuneration. 

The Avita Healthcare Systems Commitment to the Community

What does this mean in plain English? Simply put, the gaps you may have in your healthcare coverage no matter how significant rest on their shoulders, not yours. That is the Avita commitment to the community of Galion. 

Still not convinced? Well, I’ll leave you with this, according to a website that rates both healthcare providers and healthcare facilities alike rated the Galion community hospital at almost 10% above the national average in patient satisfaction.

Contact information for Avita Healthcare System in Galion

269 Portland Way S.
Galion, OH 44833
(419) 468-4841

Thank you to R. V. Tucker for submitting this summary of Avita Healthcare Systems in Galion, Ohio to the Galionite website. If you have a story, press release, or information to share, submissions are accepted through email at

Review of Hometown Inn Hotel in Galion Ohio

The Hometown Inn Hotel

By Emily Anne

The Hometown Inn in Galion, Ohio
The Hometown Inn in Galion, Ohio

If you are looking for decent hotels in the Galion area; the Hometown Inn Hotel is a good place to consider. The hotel's star rating is at a stable 3 to 5 stars. Most of the reviews from people that have had to stay in Galion are mostly good reviews. According to some of these reviews, the room and the beds seemed to be freshly cleaned and made with new linens. 

Features That Make This Galion Hotel Nice

This Galion hotel simply provides you with what you need, which features: free wifi, premium cable TV, free parking, it's handicapped accessible, it's air-conditioned, pet-friendly, and lastly, and there is a kitchen in all rooms. It's also a smoke-free property. There is no pool, hot tub or spa, and no fitness center. As far as hotels in Galion go, the best Galion hotel would have to be this one in my opinion.

Galion, Bucyrus, and Mansfield Area Attractions 

There are many attractions in the surrounding areas of Mansfield and Bucyrus that you can take advantage of while staying at this hotel, such as the Kingwood Center Gardens, the Gorman Nature Center in the Mansfield area. 

You can eat at area restaurants, such as the little Athens Greek restaurant in Mansfield, the Whistle Stop Cafe uptown in Galion, and Phil's Deli right around the corner from the Hometown Inn. 

In Mansfield, you can do a lot of learning by going to see the Biblewalk Museum, which is a wax museum filled with over 300 biblical wax and wood carvings. 

Another place in Mansfield is called, the Little Buckeye Children's Museum, which is a fun place for children to go and have fun creating music and art. 

There are also many fast-food restaurants in the Mansfield and Galion area, like Burger King, Taco Bell, and Dairy Queen up the street from the hotel, so if you need getting something quick to eat, they're right there. 

What Past Hometown Inn Customers Say

According to some other reviews, this hotel in Galion is known for its excellent customer service and they do happen to feed you well with a good, non-free breakfast. 

The rooms are very inviting because of how nice the decorations are and the rooms are painted in nice, warm colors and the beds are very comfortable. The staff is very accommodating and will do their absolute best to make their guest's stay is as comfortable as possible by being very welcoming, friendly, and fair towards their guests.

In conclusion, best Galion, the Hometown Inn Hotel is a pretty nice place to stay the night and that has a good price to stay. The staff does their best to make sure their guests are satisfied. 

I think that this hotel is a good place to stop during a business or family trip, just as someplace to rest for the night. 

The surrounding areas of Mansfield and Bucyrus make the experience at this Galion hotel better because of all the things you can do in those areas, but if you are looking for a quick place to stay the night, I think the Hometown Inn Hotel is the place to be. 

I want to say a special thank you to Emily Anne for submitting this review of the Hometown Inn in Galion.

Review of Sleep Inn Hotel in Galion Ohio

By Renmi

Quite the hotel. Such a splendid area. Who? Best Galion. For a week-long family trip, the Inn definitely made it all the more pleasant and impressionable. Who knew that’d be in Galion. Hotels in Galion! It’s one of those experiences that you don’t get on every trip. This one definitely is a total return for the next trip around.

Sorry for the smudges!
 I wanted to be sure all license plate numbers of the vehicles parked at the Galion Sleep Inn & Suites 
were removed for guest's privacy and I'm not great with Photoshop. 

Some pointers are definitely, the attractions have to be taken and that’s not for granted. If you need a business center, be sure to come ready to stay for a few days or even weeks with Mansfield, Bucyrus. Heck, you may even want to live here for a few months! No exaggeration. Mansfield has it. You’d only really know by personal experience. So totally consider stopping by Mansfield. It’s worth it and I’d rather make an earnest review than to allow another brethren to miss out on such opportune ventures.

Well over sixty-two rooms according to management, so selective choices are available on most days, they’re all the same really to an extent. It mainly comes down to features visitors desire to add for themselves and in this case, a definite recommend is a picnic and there’s wireless access in case you or beloved relatives need faster connections even if it’s a few using it.

Also for older visitors that may like to keep up with news stories v.i.a paper, daily fresh newspapers are available at the front desk which also grants free local calls if needed at any point. Also, it’d be horrible not to mention the vast breakfast provided daily as long as you’re staying at the hotel. These are feasts fit for kings and all alike who like to start their day strong by consuming susceptible amounts of delicacies in preparation for a wonderful day.

Keep in mind that often times some places may not even have pleasant facilities for handling laundry purposes but that isn’t a concern here at all. Manfield, Bucyrus, are no worries at all; truly reliable and not detested places that leave concern when handling business. Keep in mind, that ranges from all sorts of business. Mansfield is set.

That’s what gives it a solid star rating that doesn’t lie along with other reviews pointing out the same solid points that makes it a return winner for many. Galion hotel. You may very well be enthralled by the service and end up making a review just like this one. Or maybe not? Depends how star struck you end up becoming.

Even when leaving, you’ll probably reflect on when you first parked because parking isn’t as trash as other places. Free self-parking gives visitors the power to not feel all too restricted in the face of a sudden urgent occurrence. It's worse when you stop by for the night and realize you’re behind on your trip or have to get somewhere hastily at a sudden moments notice for whatever reason, again mobility is swift, with the reliable parking space open. Mansfield has done it well. Mansfield is decent.

If you stay in Galion, you can’t go wrong, you can’t do yourself a disservice and this isn’t alluding to it being the best, rather it’s considering many of the points brought here. Galion hotel deserves the visits.

I received this review of the Galion, Ohio Sleep Inn via email.  
It sounds like the reviewer had a good time and enjoyed the Galion, Bucyrus and Mansfield area attractions. 
Reviews of any Galion business are welcome and can be submitted to 
If you send in a review of a Galion business, be sure to include a 'reviewer name or nickname' so I can properly give you credit for your reviews. 

Galion Ohio and Statewide Trends for People Moving Out

In 2018, United Van Lines (UVL) surveyed 110,000 families the company helped move - to learn about people moving out. According to the survey results, one of the interesting trends presented in the State of Ohio - with 56.2% - or 6,684 families - moving out of the state. (I'm not sure the math is right on that, but those are the numbers cited by Forbes.)

People moving out
People moving out image courtesy of Pixabay

Ohio Ranked Seventh Place for People Moving Out

In fact, UVL found Ohio to be 7th in the rankings of states with people moving out in droves. This could be considered bad news for the state and small towns like Galion, or it could be used as an incredible opportunity by those who choose to stay. (I prefer to think of it as an opportunity.)

Job Growth in Ohio

In 2018, Ohio experienced a job growth rate of 1.4%. Now, if the state's population were increasing, that could be troublesome. However, Ohio's population as of the last census was 11,658,600, and with an outward migration of 56%, according to UVL's study, that means there are a few more jobs than there were before and a significantly smaller number of people to fill jobs.

I've actually heard these types of comments from Galion business leaders, that there aren't enough qualified people to fill the jobs so the companies can meet the demand for Galion-produced products. Based on the state's outward migration trend, that isn't likely to get better any time soon - however - it's a huge opportunity, too. Here's why.

Average Household Incomes for Ohio vs Galion

First, using the latest available census data, the median Ohio household income is $54,106 - however - in Galion, the median household income is $20,291. That's a huge gap, but the opportunity part is still coming. What's the difference that's causing that gap?

It would be oversimplistic to say it's just one thing. But, there's one big thing that stands out. Education levels - and that ties back to the comments from local business leaders about not being able to find qualified workers.
  • Galion is a touch over the state average for high school graduates, with 90.1% graduating compared to the state average of 89.8%. 
    • But, a high school diploma doesn't bring a lot of opportunities for jobs that pay well in 2019. 
  • The number of Galionites with Bachelor's degrees or higher is where the city really sees a disparity that's linked to the lower average incomes in the city. 
    • At the state level, 27.2% of Ohioans have a Bachelor's degree or higher. 
    • At the city level, only 14.0% of residents have a Bachelor's degree or higher. 

Lost Potential Can Equal Increased Opportunity

That translates to a lot of lost income potential for Galion residents. It also creates a lot of opportunity with so many people leaving the state. Galionites have the option to get educated in viable fields where the earnings are MUCH higher.

Companies that need qualified people could also expand on their job training programs or partner with a local nonprofit to help people get the needed training.

Galionites also have the option to seek out jobs in other cities that match their current levels of education. A third option would be to embrace entrepreneurship and start a business based on something already learned and familiar.

The gross state product of Ohio is $684 billion, and it's based heavily on two key sectors: 
  1. Manufacturing
  2. Financial services
What's more, out of the 1,000 biggest public and private companies in the US, 49 are based in Ohio. Will you get a job with these major companies without higher education? Probably not, though you can try. What you can do, is learn about the skills these major companies all over the state and consider commuting, or find out what skills local companies need in their workers and then get an education in those fields.

While the outrush of people from the state and current income numbers for Galionites seem kind of bleak at first glance, these things really are great opportunities if properly acted upon. 

What Galionites Need to Know About the Upcoming 2020 Census

The census is critical for the proper functioning of government. It is the basis for much of how government policies get implemented. This covers things from roads to voting representation. It is especially for small communities like Galion to take part. 

Galionites and the 2020 Census
Image for Galionites and the 2020 Census courtesy of Pixabay

Things Info From the 2020 Census Will Be Used to Do

Here is a small sample of what the results are used for:

  • Apportioning seats for Congress
  • Drawing lines for congressional districts
  • Funding for roads and schools
  • Health funding
  • Community improvements
  • Locate job training centers
  • And more...

How Private Companies Use Census Data

That’s just for government functions, many private companies make their decisions based on the 2020 census information as well. From demographics research to deciding what new products could be useful or popular. The reach of this information is often underestimated.

Potential Drawbacks of Census Participation and How You're Protected 

However, this does bring some questions. Some are worried that this can be used against them. From being targeted by landlords for having too many tenets, to being hassled by police. However, these worries aren’t new. 

The many potential problems around the census have long been found out, and it has many safeguards to prevent abuses. 
  • The government is restricted from using this information for any reason other than statistics. 
  • The police aren’t even allowed to use if for law enforcement, for example. 
  • The individual information collected must remain in the Census Bureau, there is no exception to this.

The Bureau has several ways to collect this information. They send agents out door to door, but also offer phone interviews and even a new online site. 

There are no real downsides to taking the 2020 census. 

From funding to representation, it will help your community to be properly accounted for. It’s also easier than ever for residents to take, with the new online submissions. 

Make sure to do your part.

Commercial Plumbing Basics: Galion Edition

Up to a point, plumbing is plumbing whether you're looking at a house, a trailer, an apartment building, a restaurant or a factory... but...

Commercial Plumbing specifically looks at plumbing processes on a larger scale, that larger scale may include multiple floors of a building or far more sinks and toilets than a residential plumber would need to install or repair.

Commercial plumbing Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

Commercial Plumbers Are Needed for Big Projects

The size of the plumbing project you need to get done is one indicator of the need to bring in a commercial plumbing service.

The size may refer to the size of the structure, such as a multilevel building, or it may refer the number of water outlets, such as toilets and faucets you need to have installed or maintained.

(In Galion, of course, there aren't a lot of especially tall buildings, at least not yet, but there are a few, and there are also some commercial buildings that have multiple water outlets to maintain.)

Commercial Plumbers Need to Know Building Codes

While all plumbers should be familiar with proper installation of plumbing systems, there are sometimes laws called codes that are specific to commercial buildings.

Bringing in a professional to install or to repair the plumbing in a commercial setting ensures you remain in compliance of local building codes.

If you have questions about these codes in Galion, you could visit the city building and track down the building inspector, or you could hire a professional commercial plumber and let them handle that part.

Installation of Commercial Plumbing Systems

The best time to get it right with plumbing in a commercial building is during installation, if possible.

Some common tasks handled by commercial plumbers include:
  • Diagnosing plumbing system issues
  • Repairing damaged plumbing
  • Water main replacement

Taking the time to make sure everything is properly installed and up to code from the very beginning helps you cut costs in the long run and can simplify the maintenance process for a building's plumbing system.

Maintaining and Repairing Commercial Plumbing Systems

Sewer mains and water heaters are two other key parts of commercial water systems. When you have complications with these types of plumbing components that require leak detection or other types of repair, bringing in a professional plumber or team of plumbers who are skilled in commercial plumbing work can save you time and get everything working properly.

When You Want to Change Your Life

My Galionite Facebook page motivational video for today was about five words to change your life and help you get what you want.

Want to change your life image courtesy of Pixabay

Have You Decided it's Time to Change Your Life?

That question actually goes back to the video - because the speaker talkas a lot about decisions - comparing a decision to a New Year's resolution and explaingin that a decision is just that - a decision - that may or may not materialize.

Can These Words Really Help You Get What You Want?

One thing I found really interesting about the folowing video is that the speaker wasn't saying to use specific words to get what you want - she was sharing what types of words to listen for in negotiations so you know when to push on instead of saying 'oh, okay' and waking away with less than you can possibly get from any given situation.

Thanks for visiting Galionite today, and I hope you have a great day! While you're out and about in Galion, today, I hope you find an opportunity that inspires you.

Comments and questions are welcome, as always!

Excuses Are Lies: What's Your Truth?

The motivational video I shared today on the Galionite Facebook page talks about why excuses are lies, and challenges viewers to find their truth.

Excuses are lies: What's your truth? image courtesy of Pixabay

No Excuses, What's Your Truth?

I don't expect you to answer that question for me, or for anyone other than yourself. I liked the video because it shared a strong message about going after what you want in life instead of making excuses.

What Excuses Have You Been Making?

Almost everyone has something, or multiple things, they make excuses about, like I can't do this, that or the other thing because... I don't have time... I'm too old... I don't have enough money... I'm too out of shape... I don't know enough about...

Instead of Making Excuses...

Just for today, pick ONE thing you CAN do that puts you on the path to achieving your personal goals. You don't have to tell anyone - really - it's BETTER if you dont. People - no matter how much they love you and how much they mean well - bring you down.

I want to keep this post short because I have other work waiting and don't want to be making my own excuses. So, here's the video. I hope you enjoy it and find it inspiring.

Thanks for visiting Galionite, and I hope while you're out and about in Galion today, you'll find something that inspires you!

Comments and questions are welcomed!

Monday Motivation: Why We Fail

The Monday motivation video I shared today on the Galionite Facebook page is all about perseverance, and I'm sharing it near the end of this article, too.

If life is giving you a punch in the gut right now, and you're feeling like the sad thumbs-down image, I hope the video will give you a little boost.

why we fail
Why we fail image courtesy of Pixabay

Keep Moving Forward

I'm not going to try putting all the key points of the video in this post - it's a shorter video, and this is going to be a short post, too. Mainly, the video's saying, don't give up when things go wrong. If your goals are worth having, then keep working toward them even if it gets rough.

Never give up image courtesy of Pixabay

Believe in Your Ability to Succeed

We may learn a lot of things in school, like how to fit in with the crowd so we don't get bullied, and how to calculate some math problems. What we don't learn, is how to have faith in our own ability to succeed.

If you've never had someone tell you this - I will - You can succeed in your dreams and goals if you're willing to work and believe and do what it takes to get them.

I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope something you see while you're out and about in the big city of Galion inspires you and makes your day, and your life, brighter!

Thanks for visiting Galionite today!

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Motivational Speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger: Sunday Motivation for St. Patrick's Day

I decided to experiment with posting something motivational and positive on the Galionite Facebook page every day for the next couple weeks to see if people enjoy tha t kind of positive thing, and I liked the motivational video I shared so much I decided to share some thoughts about it here on the Galionite website.

It was a motivational speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I'm sharing the video at the end of this article, after my five favorite parts of the speech.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation Speech shared on Galionite
Image of Arnold Schwarzenegger 
for Motivation Speech shared on Galionite
courtesy of Pixabay

Work Your Butt Off

Okay, The Arnold used slightly more colorful language than I put in the heading above, but I thought it was great that he wasn't out there saying success is going to be easy. He was almost brutally honest about the amount of decision-making and sweat equity it takes to get the things you want out of life.

I know a lot of people who WANT more out of life - but instead of working to get it, they watch TV in every minute of their spare time. Watching a little TV's a great way to relax, but when it's all you do, you're watching other people live and do things when you COULD be out there doing the living yourself.

Don't Waste a Minute of Your Time

I also really respected that he mentioned not sitting around thinking about the things you would like to do.... someday.... and Schwarzenegger talked about how you can start spending even an hour a day working on the things you want to do. Then, you'll be making progress instead of watching your dreams slowly die.

Time is our most precious commodity, and the older you get, the more you begin to feel how true that is. (That part was mine - not Schwarzenegger's) Explore your schedule and lifestyle - make the time to work on achieving your goals.

Organize Your Time

Instead of saying you would do something you dream about achieving if you only had more time, organize your time and achieve your goal.
  • Break your time down into how many hours you spend on each thing you do, like hours spent working each day, time you spend sleeping, eating, visiting with friends, etc. 
  • Make decisions about what to do with the remaining time that move you toward success.
  • Even putting just one hour a day towards your goal moves you in the direction you want to go. 
    • In the speech, Schwarzenegger used the example of spending an hour a day reading about history - and how much you would know at the end of 365 hours just one year of spending a single hour each day reading about history. 
    • He also brought up the example of spending one hour a day working on a business idea and how much closer you would be to having your own (successful) business.

Forget Plan B and Focus on Your Goal

This part can be scary if you're used to having a backup plan, but Schwarzenegger says to move ahead with no safety net, and here's why.

A safety net is permission to fail, and  human beings perform better when there's no safety net in place.

If you put a lot of energy into creating a backup plan of what you're going to do when your dreams fall apart, then you're devoting energy that could go into making your dreams a success into the backup plan.

Instead, put your energy into creating the success you want, and be ready to get back up and keep working toward your goal if things don't work out the first time. And.... that leads to the last piece of advice I wanted to share from this motivation speech by Arnold Scwarzenegger.

If You Fail, Get Back Up

It's normal to get bugged out and discouraged when things go wrong with your life goals, but a setback is only the end if you choose to give up.

Relax if things go sour - it's ok to fail if you don't give up! 

Almost everyone who is succesful has failed many times, but you only see the success of others. You can't see the hard work that went into achieving success, and you can't see the number of times the successful person had to get back up and try again.

If you fail and give up, then your story ends with you as a failure. 

If you fail and keep trying, and you stay focused on your goal and working to achieve it, then your story can end in success.

And now finally, here's the Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational speech I shared on Facebook today...

So, my fellow Galionites, this was a little long, and if you've stuck with me to the end of this article, let's see what you can do!

Share your thoughts if you want to - or just go out there, work hard, work smart, be amazing, and do something great for yourself, your family and the community.

Little Caesar's in Galion? No... Wait... East of Chicago!

I decided to get a cheap pizza and some Crazy Bread from Little Caesar's tonight...

Pizza in Galion Ohio
Saturday nght pizza in Galion image courtesy of Pixabay

Guess what?...

They didn't have any because they were out of dough...

The employee I spoke with did offer to make some dough if I wanted to wait...

Since it was only a  little after six on a Saturday night, I would have thought maybe they would have been on that anyway... but I guess not...

I didn't really want to wait. People don't go to that particular pizza shop because they want to wait.

I went to East of Chicago instead, and while I paid a little more, it was really great!

I wish I had thought to take a picture so I could have reviewed the fabulous East of Chicago pizza here properly, but, long story short, it was exceptional and the cheaper place lost a sale, which I'm sure Little Caesar's probably could have used.

The Galion Inquirer Is Moving to Mount Gilead

The Galion Inquirer has been a top source of news and information, as well as part of the fabric that makes up life in Galion, Ohio since its founding in 1890 - and while it's been through many changes - it remains in existence and continues publishing news about Galion - it's about to become part of another city's history as well.

Living newspaper art image courtesy of Pixabay

That's because the Galion Inquirer is moving to a new location (in Mount Gilead, Ohio) to share an office with its sister publication, The Morrow County Sentinel.

The Advantages of Older Newspapers Joining Forces

Combining resources with two news publications is actually, in my opinion, a really smart move on the part of a traditional news publisher, such as the Galion Inquirer.

Changes in the News Industry: The newspaper industry has taken numerous hits over the years as the internet changed the face of how people choose to get information.
  • It's made it hard for newspapers to keep up.
  • In the case of the Galion Inquirer, a decline in the demand for a newspaper that used to come out five days per week has left us with a newspaper that's printed twice per week - and that will now be sent out from another city.

Sharing Resources to Cut Costs: Sharing resources and staff members between the two publications should, at least in theory, allow for more agility in reporting news for both publications.

Speed of Internet Information Sharing: In today's 'information age' lifestyle, sharing news 'at the speed of light' - or at least at the speed of a wireless connection - should help the Inquirer and the Sentinel keep putting out the news readers want.

Non-Local but Still Local News? I'm afraid this is my one concern with the merging of these two publications and Galion reporters working from another city... I'm curious to see how it goes for them.

I wish the Galion Inquirer and Morrow County Sentinel the best of luck moving forward and look forward to seeing how the Inquirer will manage to provide local information to Galionites while working from Mount Gilead.

How Galionite Can Help Fill the Local News Void

Because it's locally owned and managed, Galionite maintains a presence here in town. I've mainly shied away from news and tried to maintain Galionite as a basic information and 'fun Galion facts' site because I felt, for the most part, but with a few gaps here and there, the news was already covered by the local Galion paper. (Plus, I have a regular job and there are only so many hours in the day so I was posting here in my spare time.)

Because the existing news source is changing its home location, Galionite will be stepping up to introduce a few (gradual) changes.

Submit Your News Story to Galionite: As an interim measure, I'll be having one of my helpers put up a form where you can submit your news story or press release if you would like to have it covered by Galionite.

New Information Pages Pending: Galionite will be adding a news page or possibly pages for a few different aspects of local Galion news.

Developing a Galion App for Mobile Devices: While the Galionite website/blog is available for use on mobile devices, we've been asked by a few people to develop an app that can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets.
  • The Galionite App is in the early stages of development, and we'll keep you posted when it's ready for downloading.

(Feedback is always welcome - if you don't see what you're hunting, just let us know in the comments, or send us an email at


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