Commercial Plumbing Basics: Galion Edition

Up to a point, plumbing is plumbing whether you're looking at a house, a trailer, an apartment building, a restaurant or a factory... but...

Commercial Plumbing specifically looks at plumbing processes on a larger scale, that larger scale may include multiple floors of a building or far more sinks and toilets than a residential plumber would need to install or repair.

Commercial plumbing Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

Commercial Plumbers Are Needed for Big Projects

The size of the plumbing project you need to get done is one indicator of the need to bring in a commercial plumbing service.

The size may refer to the size of the structure, such as a multilevel building, or it may refer the number of water outlets, such as toilets and faucets you need to have installed or maintained.

(In Galion, of course, there aren't a lot of especially tall buildings, at least not yet, but there are a few, and there are also some commercial buildings that have multiple water outlets to maintain.)

Commercial Plumbers Need to Know Building Codes

While all plumbers should be familiar with proper installation of plumbing systems, there are sometimes laws called codes that are specific to commercial buildings.

Bringing in a professional to install or to repair the plumbing in a commercial setting ensures you remain in compliance of local building codes.

If you have questions about these codes in Galion, you could visit the city building and track down the building inspector, or you could hire a professional commercial plumber and let them handle that part.

Installation of Commercial Plumbing Systems

The best time to get it right with plumbing in a commercial building is during installation, if possible.

Some common tasks handled by commercial plumbers include:
  • Diagnosing plumbing system issues
  • Repairing damaged plumbing
  • Water main replacement

Taking the time to make sure everything is properly installed and up to code from the very beginning helps you cut costs in the long run and can simplify the maintenance process for a building's plumbing system.

Maintaining and Repairing Commercial Plumbing Systems

Sewer mains and water heaters are two other key parts of commercial water systems. When you have complications with these types of plumbing components that require leak detection or other types of repair, bringing in a professional plumber or team of plumbers who are skilled in commercial plumbing work can save you time and get everything working properly.

When You Want to Change Your Life

My Galionite Facebook page motivational video for today was about five words to change your life and help you get what you want.

Want to change your life image courtesy of Pixabay

Have You Decided it's Time to Change Your Life?

That question actually goes back to the video - because the speaker talkas a lot about decisions - comparing a decision to a New Year's resolution and explaingin that a decision is just that - a decision - that may or may not materialize.

Can These Words Really Help You Get What You Want?

One thing I found really interesting about the folowing video is that the speaker wasn't saying to use specific words to get what you want - she was sharing what types of words to listen for in negotiations so you know when to push on instead of saying 'oh, okay' and waking away with less than you can possibly get from any given situation.

Thanks for visiting Galionite today, and I hope you have a great day! While you're out and about in Galion, today, I hope you find an opportunity that inspires you.

Comments and questions are welcome, as always!

Excuses Are Lies: What's Your Truth?

The motivational video I shared today on the Galionite Facebook page talks about why excuses are lies, and challenges viewers to find their truth.

Excuses are lies: What's your truth? image courtesy of Pixabay

No Excuses, What's Your Truth?

I don't expect you to answer that question for me, or for anyone other than yourself. I liked the video because it shared a strong message about going after what you want in life instead of making excuses.

What Excuses Have You Been Making?

Almost everyone has something, or multiple things, they make excuses about, like I can't do this, that or the other thing because... I don't have time... I'm too old... I don't have enough money... I'm too out of shape... I don't know enough about...

Instead of Making Excuses...

Just for today, pick ONE thing you CAN do that puts you on the path to achieving your personal goals. You don't have to tell anyone - really - it's BETTER if you dont. People - no matter how much they love you and how much they mean well - bring you down.

I want to keep this post short because I have other work waiting and don't want to be making my own excuses. So, here's the video. I hope you enjoy it and find it inspiring.

Thanks for visiting Galionite, and I hope while you're out and about in Galion today, you'll find something that inspires you!

Comments and questions are welcomed!

Monday Motivation: Why We Fail

The Monday motivation video I shared today on the Galionite Facebook page is all about perseverance, and I'm sharing it near the end of this article, too.

If life is giving you a punch in the gut right now, and you're feeling like the sad thumbs-down image, I hope the video will give you a little boost.

why we fail
Why we fail image courtesy of Pixabay

Keep Moving Forward

I'm not going to try putting all the key points of the video in this post - it's a shorter video, and this is going to be a short post, too. Mainly, the video's saying, don't give up when things go wrong. If your goals are worth having, then keep working toward them even if it gets rough.

Never give up image courtesy of Pixabay

Believe in Your Ability to Succeed

We may learn a lot of things in school, like how to fit in with the crowd so we don't get bullied, and how to calculate some math problems. What we don't learn, is how to have faith in our own ability to succeed.

If you've never had someone tell you this - I will - You can succeed in your dreams and goals if you're willing to work and believe and do what it takes to get them.

I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope something you see while you're out and about in the big city of Galion inspires you and makes your day, and your life, brighter!

Thanks for visiting Galionite today!

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Motivational Speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger: Sunday Motivation for St. Patrick's Day

I decided to experiment with posting something motivational and positive on the Galionite Facebook page every day for the next couple weeks to see if people enjoy tha t kind of positive thing, and I liked the motivational video I shared so much I decided to share some thoughts about it here on the Galionite website.

It was a motivational speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I'm sharing the video at the end of this article, after my five favorite parts of the speech.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation Speech shared on Galionite
Image of Arnold Schwarzenegger 
for Motivation Speech shared on Galionite
courtesy of Pixabay

Work Your Butt Off

Okay, The Arnold used slightly more colorful language than I put in the heading above, but I thought it was great that he wasn't out there saying success is going to be easy. He was almost brutally honest about the amount of decision-making and sweat equity it takes to get the things you want out of life.

I know a lot of people who WANT more out of life - but instead of working to get it, they watch TV in every minute of their spare time. Watching a little TV's a great way to relax, but when it's all you do, you're watching other people live and do things when you COULD be out there doing the living yourself.

Don't Waste a Minute of Your Time

I also really respected that he mentioned not sitting around thinking about the things you would like to do.... someday.... and Schwarzenegger talked about how you can start spending even an hour a day working on the things you want to do. Then, you'll be making progress instead of watching your dreams slowly die.

Time is our most precious commodity, and the older you get, the more you begin to feel how true that is. (That part was mine - not Schwarzenegger's) Explore your schedule and lifestyle - make the time to work on achieving your goals.

Organize Your Time

Instead of saying you would do something you dream about achieving if you only had more time, organize your time and achieve your goal.
  • Break your time down into how many hours you spend on each thing you do, like hours spent working each day, time you spend sleeping, eating, visiting with friends, etc. 
  • Make decisions about what to do with the remaining time that move you toward success.
  • Even putting just one hour a day towards your goal moves you in the direction you want to go. 
    • In the speech, Schwarzenegger used the example of spending an hour a day reading about history - and how much you would know at the end of 365 hours just one year of spending a single hour each day reading about history. 
    • He also brought up the example of spending one hour a day working on a business idea and how much closer you would be to having your own (successful) business.

Forget Plan B and Focus on Your Goal

This part can be scary if you're used to having a backup plan, but Schwarzenegger says to move ahead with no safety net, and here's why.

A safety net is permission to fail, and  human beings perform better when there's no safety net in place.

If you put a lot of energy into creating a backup plan of what you're going to do when your dreams fall apart, then you're devoting energy that could go into making your dreams a success into the backup plan.

Instead, put your energy into creating the success you want, and be ready to get back up and keep working toward your goal if things don't work out the first time. And.... that leads to the last piece of advice I wanted to share from this motivation speech by Arnold Scwarzenegger.

If You Fail, Get Back Up

It's normal to get bugged out and discouraged when things go wrong with your life goals, but a setback is only the end if you choose to give up.

Relax if things go sour - it's ok to fail if you don't give up! 

Almost everyone who is succesful has failed many times, but you only see the success of others. You can't see the hard work that went into achieving success, and you can't see the number of times the successful person had to get back up and try again.

If you fail and give up, then your story ends with you as a failure. 

If you fail and keep trying, and you stay focused on your goal and working to achieve it, then your story can end in success.

And now finally, here's the Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational speech I shared on Facebook today...

So, my fellow Galionites, this was a little long, and if you've stuck with me to the end of this article, let's see what you can do!

Share your thoughts if you want to - or just go out there, work hard, work smart, be amazing, and do something great for yourself, your family and the community.


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