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Galion Chamber of Commerce Community Guide Finds

Today, I want to share the Galion Chamber of Commerce Community Guide. It's a handy guide for finding things to do in Galion and in the neighboring town, Crestline.

Galion machine
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How to Use the Community Guide to Find Things to Do in Galion

The Galion Chamber of Commerce Community Guide is put out as a brief yearly directory of local services and things to do in Galion, Ohio.

The guide details a number of areas in the community:
  • Annual Chamber Events are covered first. The Chamber organizes several events every year, and this section briefly introduces them.
  • Parks and Recreation services are listed next. This is made up of three parts: Galion City parks, the Crawford Park District, and the two local golf courses.
  • Info on Living in Galion follows. This section details the beauty of Galion's easy-going and friendly lifestyle.
  • Galion Center YMCA is also included.
  • Shopping and Dining in Galion is covered in the next section. (But seriously - not to be competitive or anything, but just visit the shopping and dining pages here on Galionite.)
  • Industry in Galion is covered in the next section.
  • City information is included in the guide.
  • Info on the Galion School System is included.
  • The Arts in Galion is another section of the guide. AS of 2017, this was comprised of three sections, Brush and Palette Club, the Galion Community Theater, and the Galion Contemporary Artspace.
  • Faith and Worship have a guide section.
  • Galion Festivals are covered. There are three festivals in Galion, Ohio each year, as of 2017. The festivals are the Pickle Run Festival, the Oktoberfest (held gloriously in September each year - because why would anyone want to hold an Oktoberfest in October?) and Come Home to Galion.
  • Galion History is included. (How cool!)
  • Galion by the Numbers includes numbers of city services and schools to make it easy for locals to reach someone regarding the parks, taxes, whatever you need, really.
In summary, the Community Guide provides a brief summary of each aspect of life in Galion, it provides contact info for various official city and local services. It also features ads from many of the local businesses, and the ads are actually nice because they give you a glimpse into places to go and to do things in the city and surrounding area.

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