Beware of Kroger Mystery Shopping Scam in Galion Area

With so many local shoppers heading out of town to get groceries, there seems to be some increase on the number of 'Kroger mystery shopper' scammers. So, here's what you need to know.

Kroger mystery shopping scam in Galion area
Kroger mystery shopping scan in Galion area image courtesy of Pixabay

Kroger does use some mystery shoppers, but if you get an offer that sounds too good to be true - it's pretty sure to be a scam.

The Legit Kroger Mystery Shoppers

When you see the difference between the legit shop pay and what the scammers claim you're going to get, it'll really be clearer...

The legitimate Kroger mystery shops pay around $13, and you get a chance to do them maybe once every other month - sometimes less.
  • You aren't going to get rich
  • You aren't even going to make enough to buy a meal at a fast food place unless you have a small family. 
  • You have to spend your own money to buy something at Kroger's - so you have a receipt as proof you were really there.
  • It takes close to an hour to earn that $13. 
  • For the drive, if you go specifically to do the shop, you're spending it all in gas. 
  • PLUS - you don't get paid until  month or so after you do the shop. 
If you want more info on legitimate mystery shopping opportunities, you can find info about it on a website called Penny Hoarder

The Scam Kroger Mystery Shoppers

The scam begins with an email that actually looks like it's coming from Krogers, and it seems be getting sent to people who have Kroger shopper cards, which could be coincidence or it could mean 'some scammer' got ahold of a Kroger shopper cardholder list... who knows...

One of the Galionites on the receiving end of this scam gave me permission to share the messages he received as long as I remove his personal info - which I have done. He stopped short of losing any money, so he didn't contact the local police, but he said he forwarded everything to the Ohio Attorney General's office.

First Contact From the Kroger Mystery Shop Scammers

From: Kroger
Sent: Tuesday, October 9, 2018 9:18 AM
Subject: Job Offer

Kroger Secret Shopper

We have empty positions in our team as a secret customer and we would like for you to be part of it.

You can shop any products you want at your designated store.
Register and if you are selected, you will receive $50 for shopping at Kroger stores and $200-400 payment per assignment. Shoppers are selected randomly every week and they will be contacted via phone or email.
No experience, fees or interview are required just send us your sincere feedback after your shopping experience.
Your review will make a difference for providing better services and products.

Press 'Join Us' and then complete all of the required fields in order to register.
Join Us

The Kroger Co. and Family of Companies. All Comments © Copyright 2018 The Kroger Co. All Rights Reserved

Red Flag # 1 - The real Kroger mystery shops pay $13, not $200 to $400 per assignment.

Red Flag # 2 - In the real Kroger mystery shops, you pay with your own money to get a receipt. In the scam, they claim you will get $50 to shop.

Second Contact From the Kroger Mystery Shop Scammer

The second contact was a text. The scammers get your phone number if you fill out the form at the Join Us link. The text came from (608) 729-8911 and it read:

Dear __, My name is G___ S___ and I have been assigned to be your supervisor regarding the Kroger store secret shopping exercise you applied for. You Will receive payment and assignment letter through USPS mail within 5 business days to enable you to carry out your surveys. A confirmation email will be sent to you before the end of business today.

The email didn't come for several days, according to the Galionite who reached out to me, and this is why and when the person who contacted me got suspicious and began searching the internet for Kroger Mystery shop scams.

Third Contact From the Kroger Mystery Shopper Scammer

The email finally was delivered, and it said:

Dear ___,
See attached

Thank you.
G___ S___

The attachment said:

Further to the requested information you provided to participate in our survey project at Kroger as a mystery shopper, we are pleased to give you this letter of appointment, setting out the details of your employment. You are being appointed to the position of a mystery shopper with us.  I am glad to welcome you on board. I'm assigned to be your supervisor throughout the project. You'll receive payment enclosed with the assignment memo through USPS mail within 3 business days which will cover the funds for shopping at Kroger store and it will also cover your employment remuneration which is $300 per assignment.

Due to the nature of this job, you have to be discreet about it. Please note that you are to act cool and calm throughout the period which you will be carrying out your survey in order not to defeat the purpose of the program. You will write a report about the customer service. Our assignments are focused on the customer experience.

Areas often measured include:

Sales transaction and employee engagement. Sales associate appearance and cleanliness. Brand/promotion awareness and execution. Product or service awareness. Product or service availability. Sales product up-sell approach and delivery. Testing checkout protocols.

You will send your report back to us via email, questionnaire will be sent to you via email and you will have to use the following pointers to prepare your report:

1) How long it took you to shop. 2) Ambiance/outlook of the shop/outlet. 3) Smartness of the attendant. 4) Customer service professionalism. 5) Reaction of personnel under pressure. 6) Information that you think would be helpful. 7) Your comments and impressions.

You are required to reply to this email as an acknowledgement.

Thank You.

G___ S___  Survey Consultant

The recipient chose not to reply as requested, having realized this is a scam.

Fourth Contact From the Kroger Mystery Shop Scammer

The fourth contact came a day later. It was a simple text after the email went unacknowledged. It came from the same phone number, (608) 729-8911 and it read:

Please confirm if you have received my email. Thank you.

Fifth Contact From Kroger Mystery Shopping Scam

While the person who contacted me hasn't received a fifth contact, possibly due to not responding to the email with the attachment, he asked me to go ahead and publish this now to protect anyone else who may be in the midst of receiving these communications.

The part that's supposed to come in the mail is a check with instructions to deposit it in your bank, then when your bank releases the funds, you're asked to go buy iTunes gift cards, take pictures of the front and back of the cards to submit to G___ S___. You're then supposed to be able to return the gift cards and keep the extra $300 for your assessment of the Kroger store.

Then, you return the cards to discover they have been zeroes out. And, it supposedly takes about a week for your bank to discover the check you got in the mail is fake, leaving you on the hook to repay the full amount you paid Kroger's for the iTunes cards and without the $300 for the mystery shop - plus any fees your bank adds for processing the bad check or checks you write counting on the money being there.

What to Do if You're Contacted by a Mystery Shopping Scam or Have Been Scammed

First, don't be embarassed if you've been caught up in this Kroger mystery shopping scam. It's extemely well-done as scams go, even to the point they got a krogershopper URL for people to fill out the form to apply.

Options for reporting this scam include:

Also, I looked up the man sending these messages on LinkedIn, and it's possible there are multiple people using this same name, he looks like a perfectly normal professional. I would venture a guess that he is the victim of identity theft in this scam, so I removed his name from this post.

Final note: While this scam appears to be newly hitting the Galion area, this scam has been going around since 2016, using the same names, emails, and even sometimes the same phone numbers - yet supposedly 'they' can't catch these scammers - you can read some of the complaints at Online Threat Alerts.

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment?

Updated August 21, 2019

The advent of solar technology comes with the promise of tapping into the free energy that nature provides. Many modern-day homeowners have considered saving money on electricity for their homes by adding solar panels to their properties.

Solar panels image courtesy of PXHere

The current reality regarding solar power is much more promising than just ten years ago.

Here we will demystify this technology and the investment viability for you.

Solar Power Systems Explained

Appropriately referred to as photovoltaic (PV) panels, solar panels collect the energy that radiates from sunlight; converting this energy into electricity.

The silicon crystal-based panels are arranged and framed into a set called an array. These arrays are either mounted on the property’s rooftop or affixed to a post or stand near the property.

The solar arrays are connected to a unit called a charge controller, which regulates the power to the deep-cycle battery bank.

The battery bank is connected to a unit called the inverter, which converts the DC to AC.

Finally, the inverter is connected to the property’s electrical panel.

Determining Your Energy Needs

The best way to figure out how much the maximum energy usage for your home will be to take the electrical bills from the summer and winter months for your home.

Take the highest kilowatt per hour (kWh) usage for your home during those months to determine your peak energy usage.

There are higher energy demands during these seasons; this is why winter and summer months are used.

You can use solar power system calculators to figure out the right amount of solar arrays for your particular home.

Using utility bill management software is also an ideal way to monitor your power usage.

Grid-Tied Systems vs. Off-Grid Systems

There are two ways to apply solar power to your homes energy infrastructure, and the first is what is called grid-tied, and this means that you are using solar in conjunction with the power company’s power grid to power your home.

The second method is what is called the off-grid system, which strictly uses the power from the solar power system you have connected to your electrical panel.

Investment Viability

Now that you understand what the solar power system consists of, we can address its worthiness as an investment. Whether you are reducing your electrical expenses with a grid-tied system or eliminating your bill with an off-grid system, there is an obvious benefit to using free energy.

The determining factor is figuring out how many years until you recoup your investment for the system—by saving on monthly energy costs. The costs for systems and installation varies, but it typically takes anywhere from five to ten years to recoup on your initial investment. Here is a link to a Bankrate article that shares more information about the cutting costs and saving money on taxes by choosing to have solar panels installed.

Solar panels provide homeowners with access to electricity supplied by sunlight, and that means free energy. If you intend on keeping your property for the long haul, you will undoubtedly be glad that you switched to solar when your electric bill magically disappears.

You Can Help With Galion's Blocked RailRoad Problem

We're still seeing a LOT of blocked train crossings in Galion, and that isn't actually going to change any time soon - but here's the thing - (there's always a thing, right?)

Random trainlocking crossing  image

Federal Railroad Administration Railroad Crossing Study

The Federal Railroad Administration is looking into it and ASKING people to submit an impact statement form through the PUCO website whenever a crossing is blocked and to share how it affected each person's life.

They're ASKING because this is a nationwide problem (not just in Galion) - and they're trying to determine which crossings (in the whole country) need attention the most...

The communities where the people pay attention and fill out the forms are going to be the ones to see some help from the government.

Basically, there's only a certain amount of money that's going to be thrown at the problem, and they're (the FRA) trying to determine which crossings - out of ALL the crossings in the United States - are going to get those funds for upgrades... like another overpass or...

You Know the Saying About the Squeaky Wheel Getting the Grease?

Make some noise!

The squeaky wheel is, quite literally, going to be the one that gets the grease (squeaky wheel means the most deeply impacted communities with the most people who fill out the FRA form.

Whatever they do isn't going to happen fast, but they are planning to do something - somewhere - and the only way it'll be HERE is if enough people fill out the form, enough times.

It isn't just a one time and you're done form, either, they WANT to know every time someone is stopped by a train and their lives are impacted.

You could literally fill out the form more than once per day in Galion the way the trains have been lately, and it would be an example of you supplying the information a government agency needs to validate funding a second overpass in Galion.

Complain About Block Railroad Crossings So it Counts!

Will it work? Maybe - Maybe not - it is government, after all so who can guess... but I can guarantee if people don't start submitting the forms, nothing is going to change in our community in regards to the trains blocking the roads for hours on end some days.

Doing things like complaining on Facebook or griping about it to the workers at Dollar Tree may let you blow off some steam, I do those things myself, but you can actually do something real to SOLVE the problem by filling out the form... Maybe you could even do it from your cell phone while you're waiting on a train...

They (the people at the FRA)  WANT to know things like - if it made you late for work - for your child getting to school - getting to the hospital for an emergency - even if it was just annoying because it sat for two hours and you couldn't easily get to the store because the single overpass in Galion was already blocked with people trying to get around.

I posted an earlier piece on this blocked railroad crossing study here, and it explains a bit more about how to fill out the form if you get stuck.

Here's a direct link to the FRA form on the PUCO website.

Galion Oktoberfest: Gone for This Year but Coming Back

Yesterday, the Galion Oktoberfest group and Experience Galion notified the public that there would be no Oktoberfest this year, after 40 years of hosting an Oktoberfest, and I was putting together a post about that....

After all, it's a really sad thing when a 40-year standing tradition falls by the wayside.

Original notice of Oktoberfest cancellation 2018

Galion Oktoberfest is Back On (for 2019)!

So today, I was really excited to see an update on Facebook from a stand-up Galion citizen, Jim Hedges, who has volunteered to take on the task of getting it set up for next year - SO - it's not gone forever!

I'll be back with updates when it's closer, but I wanted to let everyone know what's going on for now - to summarize - there's no 2018 Oktoberfest - but there will be a 2019 Oktoberfest thanks to Mr. Hedges.

The History of the Oktoberfest

While Galion's Oktoberfest only goes back 40 years, the history of the Oktoberfest goes back over 200 years, according to The History Channel.

The original Oktoberfest was the wedding celebration when Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen married the Bavarian Crown Prince Louis who later became King Louis I of Bavaria.

Horse races and other festivities marked the day, and today's Oktoberfest in its Bavarian home, now called Wies'n, begins in late September and (talk about knowing how to have a good time) goes on until the last Sunday in October.

(I have to admit, I ALWAYS wondered why on earth an Oktoberfest would be held in September - I mean - shouldn't the name really be Septemberfest if it isn't held in October?)

So, what are your plans for fall activities in Galion?

Thanks for visiting Galionite, comments are always welcome here or on our Galionite Facebook page.

Four Desk Accessories for Back to School

I hope some of these back-to-school in Galion posts are proving useful for anyone looking for unique products and good deals.

Today's share is about desk accessories (check out the cute cactus erasers... or would it be cacti erasers, since it's plural?)

Anyway, Galionite is honored to partner with Cost Plus World Market to bring you this post about desk accessories for back-to-school in Galion. If you find anything you want, be sure to grab that coupon code so you get the 10-percent discount they're offering on these.

It’s back to school time in many American households, and Cost Plus World Market has the desk accessories your kids need to start the school year in style. These four decorative touches are so cute, you might want to buy yourself a second set for the home office. Use code SAVEBIG10 to save 10% off your World Market purchase.

Prickly Pals Cactus Erasers

A whimsical addition to your desk, these three colorful cacti remove all your kids’ pencil mistakes. They can even take them apart and put them back together.


Pom Pom Paper Clips

These mini pom-pom paper clips are perfect for the little diva in your life. The set includes six paper clips, each in a different fun color.


Wrist Notes

Keep important reminders close at hand with the to-do list you wear on your wrist. Featuring five colorful designs and space to fill in your tasks, they’re fun to wear and impossible to forget.


Gold Elephant Tape Dispenser

Dress up your desk with this glamourous gold elephant tape dispenser. It's an indispensable accessory for arts and crafts, and just a fun piece to display.


I can't decide which idea is cooler, the wristband to leave yourself notes, the elephant tape dispenser or the cute erasers and pompom paper clips. 

Top Shoe Picks From Under Armour for the Upcoming School Year: Back to School in Galion

School uniforms don't offer a lot of room for style or for kids to express their personality, so it's through accessories like backpacks and school shoes that children can add personal touches to what they wear when it's time to go back to school in Galion.
Galionite is honored to partner with Under Armour to bring you this post about back-to-school shoes that add some panache to uniforms for going back-to-school in Galion. 
Shoes may be the last thing your kids put on before they go out the door, but they are the most important part of their outfit. Adding style, comfort and personality into their back to school gear, here are three of our top shoe picks for the upcoming school year.

Disney X TOMS Pink Sleeping Beauty Youth Luca Slip-ons

You need to check out TOMS new Disney Sleeping Beauty Collection, which feature original character sketches. These Luca slip-ons are perfect for the princess who dreams big.

Grade School UA X Level Prospect

Under Armour’s newest arrival in boy’s running shoes are fun and colorful, but more importantly, they are made with a breathable, lightweight mesh upper and anti-odor technology to keep active feet fresh. They also feature an adjustable hook and loop strap closure for easy on and off.


Boden Fun Low Tops

Bring a sprinkle of magic to the schoolyard. With glitter, leather and velvet options, these shoes mean little feet will be a sparkly blur in the playground. Boden’s comfortable pin spot canvas lining and easy touch-and-close fastening make speedy getaways even easier.


Thanks for reading, be sure to check back often and connect with Galionite on Facebook for frequent updates.

Top 3 Backpacks for Back to School From eBags

I've posted several Galion back-to-school posts recently, and I don't want to leave out backpacks. After all, kids end up with a LOT of school supplies to carry to and from school, and a quality, well-made backpack lasts longer.

Galionite is honored to partner with eBags to bring you this post about their three most popular backpack styles.

When it comes to back to school gear, the backpack reigns supreme. With so many options and styles, it can be hard to find the best bag out there for your children. From old favorites to new designs, here are our top three backpacks for this year.

JanSport Big Student Backpack

One of eBag’s best-selling student backpacks, the JanSport Big Student Backpack comes in six different colors and patterns. It is made from durable polyester fabric and features a large shape with multiple pockets for storage, a fully padded back panel, and S-curved shoulder straps that make it ultra-comfortable to carry.

Detailed with a front gear pocket with an audio electronics organizer, this backpack includes two spacious main compartments to hold your laptop, books, folders, and other bulky items as well as a side water bottle pocket and a stash pocket on the front to hold small accessories. It is perfect for high school and college students!

Hanna Andersson Discover Backpack

Available in three fun patterns, Hanna Andersson’s heavy-duty packs are built to organize and carry everything kids need. The lightweight-yet-rugged packs that are crafted for kids’ comfort, featuring ergonomic straps are shaped to fit the shoulder better.


UA Favorite Backpack 3.0

It’s called “favorite” for a reason. This backpack from Under Armour is cute, comfortable and ready to take care of business. It’s water-resistant and has more than enough pockets to keep your kids organized. It is also made with tough, durable materials that hold up against daily wear and tear.


Thanks for reading this post about back-to-school backpacks! 

After-School Activewear Styles for the Upcoming School Year

Whether your youngster needs gym clothes or sweats to wear for after-school activities in Galion, some of these designs from Macy's are worth checking out. They're on sale right now so you can save some cash while getting good-quality garments, and in addition to the sale prices, you don't have to waste your gas or time going to the store to get them.

Galionite is honored to partner with Macy's to bring you this write-up on gym clothes and activewear specials.

From gym class to after-school sports, there are plenty of reasons your kids need new athletic wear this back-to-school season. Here are a few top picks from Macy’s and Lands’ End to keep your kids outfitted in activewear this season.

2-Pc. Cotton T-Shirt & Shorts Set

Show your American spirit with this two-piece t-shirt and shorts set from Champion, which features a graphic-print t-shirt and pull-on shorts. It’s a classic combo for sports or play activities.

Zip-front Sweatshirt

A gym class staple, the Lands’ End Zip-front Sweatshirt is prewashed to maximize softness, minimizes shrinkage and feel like an old favorite right from the start. This version has been redesigned for girls – sides are slight shaped for a less boxy, more feminine fit. A smooth jersey lining encourages them to wear their hood (when needed) by eliminating static and preventing hair from standing on end.

Colorblocked Jacket, Hoodie, T-Shirt, Shorts & Jogger Pants

Create a cool active look for boys with this mix-and-match collection from Ideology featuring a jacket, shirts, shorts and jogger pants in an array of color-blocked, graphic and printed designs.

How Far Is Galion From... ?

While I was researching ideas for new posts here on Galionite, the distance from Galion to other places was one common theme I found in the things people search for online. So, I'm going to give you a few of the main queries along with distance to some popular spots around the country.

Distance From Galion OH to Phoenix AZ
Distance From Galion OH to Phoenix AZ image courtesy of Pixabay

How Far Is Galion From Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland, Ohio?

While Galion has a few great things going for it, sometimes people just need to get out of town. When you want to travel within the state of Ohio, travel distance to these big Ohio Cities gives you an idea of how much time to leave in your schedule.
  • Distance from Galion to Columbus: Galion is 59 miles from Columbus, and it takes around an hour to an hour and a half to get there, depending on which part of Columbus you're going to when you leave Galion. 
  • Distance from Galion to Cincinnati: Galion is 165 miles from Cincinnati and it takes about 3 hours to reach the edge of Cincinnati depending on how the traffic is moving after you leave Galion.
  • Distance From Galion to Cleveland: Galion is 96 miles from Cleveland, and it takes about two hours to make the drive to  Cleveland from Galion if the traffic is light.

How Far Is Galion From New York City, Chicago, and Washington DC?

When you want to head to the upper right section of the country, these distances from Galion to New York, Chicago, and DC can help you plan drive time.
  • Distance from Galion to New York City: Galion is 513 miles from New York City, and if you want to drive it, leave about 10.5 hours in your schedule to do that.
  • Distance from Galion to Chicago: Galion is 334 miles away from Chicago, so the drive between the cities takes about 6.5 hours. 
  • Distance from Galion to Washington DC: Galion is 430 miles from DC, and the drive takes a touch over 8.5 hours if the traffic is running fast.

How Far Is Galion From Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, and Boulder CO?

Thinking of heading out West when you leave Galion? These are the distances from Galion to Phoenix, Dallas, and Boulder to get you started.
  • Distance from Galion to Phoenix: Galion is 1,929 miles from Phoenix, and it's a popular place for people leaving this northern climate to retire, so if you're heading out to hunt for homes for sale in Phoenix AZ, you need to leave one full day plus nine hours in your itinerary to get there - and that's if traffic is running fast and you don't need to stop for sleep, food, or just to stretch.  
  • Distance from Galion to Dallas: Galion is 1,098 miles from Dallas, and the drive - if you can do it straight through - takes right around 19.5 hours.
  • Distance from Galion to Boulder: Galion is 1,335 miles from Boulder, and the drive takes about 23 hours. 

My research tools don't tell me why so many people are looking for information on how far away other cities are, but whatever the reason, those are the answers to a few of the more highly searched cities.

Whether you're dreaming of escaping small-town life for good or planning a fun vacation with your crew, knowing how far it is to other cities can help you plan and reach your goals.

Thanks for reading, and as always, it would be great if you comment on this if you feel inspired to do so. Oh, and Like and Follow us on Facebook if you would like to get updates whenever we post.

Places to Shop for School Supplies in Galion

Since I posted an article about shopping for back-to-school clothes a couple days ago, I thought it would be a good time to follow up with some ideas on places in the city of Galion to shop for school supplies. (If I miss anywhere, just leave a note in the comments and I'll get it added right away.)

Places to Buy School Supplies in Galion 

Places to Buy School Supplies in Galion, Ohio

While the official school supplies lists don't appear to be available yet from Galion Schools 

Here is a link to the school supplies and school fees list from Galion City Schools: Click here to see the list.

There are some things you pretty well know your kids are going to need, like notebooks, pencils, and erasers to name a few things.

There are a handful of places in town where you can go to get those things for back-to-school, including:

  • Dollar Tree: Dollar Tree is great for buying singles or bulk quantities of just about anything your kids may need for school. 
  • Drug Mart: Drug Mart always gets in a nice selection of school and office supplies, and offers some nice deals on them, too,  if you watch the sale ads.
  • Rite Aid: Like Drug Mart, Rite Aid carries a handy selection of school and office supplies.
  • Goodwill: This one may surprise some people, but Goodwill (also known to many as the "social hub of Galion") often has a selection of school supplies that include things like notebooks, folders, and well, the offerings change from day to day. 
  • Dollar General: As general merchandise stores go in Galion, Dollar General carries a wide selection of school supplies and office supplies that students can use for craft projects and learning.

Why It's a Good Idea to Shop Early for Back-to-School in Galion

It may seem a little too soon to be shopping for back to school supplies for your Galion student, but shopping early means you have extra chances to save some of your hard-earned money.

Shoppers have reported saving huge amounts of money by preparing a list of school supplies they know the children will be needing and picking them months in advance when they find them on sale.

Thanks for reading, and I hope your summer is going great!

Ready for Back-to-School Shopping?

While it feels way too soon to be thinking about Back-to-School shopping, the start of the new school year is just around the corner, and Land's End is offering some really nice deals on good-quality school uniforms right now.

Galionite is honored to partner with this well-known company to bring you this short review of school uniform sale prices you can take advantage of via online shopping.

Get Ready for Back-to-School in Galion

With uniforms becoming more and more the norm at public schools, it’s no surprise that preppy styles can be found throughout back-to-school wardrobes. But, preppy doesn’t have to be stuffy, and uniforms don’t have to be uncomfortable. Here are some of our favorite preppy pieces from Macy’s and Lands’ End.

Girls Uniform Plaid Jumper

(I can't remember if plaid jumpers are allowed in the dress code for Galion schools, but this is image was provided by the company as one of their most popular styles in school uniforms.)

Available in seven different plaid prints, this Girls Uniform Plaid Jumper doesn’t cling like so many jumpers do. That’s because it has a smooth, taffeta-lined bodice that won't catch on clothes worn underneath. There's also neat edge stitching at the armholes and neckline to keep the lining in place and an invisible back zipper.

Boys Iron Knee Pants

The building block of any school uniform, these chinos from Lands’ End are reinforced with Iron Knees for incredible durability where he needs it most. They feature an elastic waist and easy-care blended cotton/polyester fabric.

Tommy Hilfiger Boys Preppy Gingham Plaid Tie

Tommy Hilfiger adds vibrant color to his formal look with this classic gingham necktie. At an everyday value price of $14.98, this tie will have your boys looking sharp without breaking the bank.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July from Galionite!

Happy Fourth of July from Galionite!

Wishing you and yours happiness and health on Independence Day!

Old Navy's Fourth of July Let Your Flag Fly Sale: Available Online or in the Closest Old Navy Store

I'm a little late getting this 4th of July piece posted, (as far as giving anyone a chance to buy things to wear for the holiday via online shopping) but with Galion's Pickle Run Festival not being until next weekend, you still have time if any of the great deals shown interest you...

Galionite is honored to partner with Old Navy to bring you this lineup of comfortable summer items at really low sale prices.

The Old Navy Let Your Flag Fly Fourth of July Sale

Old Navy’s Let Your Flag Fly sale is the perfect opportunity to stock up on $2 flip flops, $4 tanks, $6 tees, and $8 dresses & shorts for the whole family. Find last-minute 4th of July outfits, or stock up on summer essentials to last all season long. Plus, save up to 60% across the entire store until 7/5.
Here are a few of our favorite picks from the Let Your Flag Fly sale.

Color-Block Flip-Flops for Boys 

Nothing says summer quite like a fun pair of colorful flip-flops. Grab a Red pair for the 4th, a Heavy Metal pair for a backyard BBQ, and a Blue Mood pair for your next seaside adventure. The embossed thong upper strap and firm footbed keeps him moving all summer long.
Relaxed High-Lo Tank for Women 

Keep your cool even when the temperature is anything but with this super comfortable high-lo tank. Its relaxed fit and swingy, A-line silhouette moves with you in the summer breeze and doesn’t cling like other tanks tend to. Grab a couple staple colors like Cream and Black and a few tropical colors like Boysenberry Juice and Briquette.


Vintage Ringer Pocket Tee for Men 

Guys, meet your new favorite summer tee. The soft, cotton-blend jersey fabric delivers ultimate comfort. The contrasting rib-knit crew neck and patch pocket at chest give this tee added style. Throw on with canvas shorts for a classic summer look.


Chambray Chino Shorts for Girls

These soft, lightweight chino shorts are sure to be in heavy rotation this summer. The cotton chambray fabric makes these shorts a no-brainer on days where traditional denim is too heavy. From tees and tank tops during the day to sweaters and sweatshirts at night, these shorts look good with all of her summer threads.


Weekend Weather Forecast for Galion June 29 - July 1, 2018

With some sweltering 90-degree and hotter days on the way, I wanted to pop in with the Galion weekend weather forecast for Friday, June 29, 2018 through July 1, 2018; and I wanted to refresh the link to the tips to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke that were shared in an earlier post here on Galionite. 

Galion Weekend Weather Forecast
Galion Weekend Weather Forecast: Hot, Hot, and More Hot
for 6/29/2018-7/1/2018

Galion Weekend Weather Forecast: It's Going to Be Hot, Hot, and Then Some More Hot

The Friday, June 29, 2018 weather is expected to be sunny and the temperature is expected to hit a high of 90 degrees.

For Saturday, June 30, 2018, skies are expected to be partly cloudy and the temperature is supposed to go even higher than Friday, with a high of 92 degrees for Saturday.

Like Saturday, the Sunday, July 1, 2018 weather in Galion is expected to hit 92 degrees and have partly cloudy skies.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this information helps you stay comfortable (by knowing you need to find ways to stay cool ahead of time) during the coming hot days.

So, keep cool, look for places to hang out that aren't out in the sun during the hottest part of the day, unless you're a fan of sweltering heat, and feel free to share your tips on ways to keep cool on hot days in Galion.

Cute Children's Essentials That Provide Extra Sun Protection

When you're getting ready to take your little ones to Galion's Splash Park, the outdoor pool in Heise Park, or just outside to hang out in the backyard, make sure to protect sensitive skin with a hat or umbrella and plenty of sunblock.

Sun Protecting Children's Essentials for Outdoor Play

Galionite is proud to partner with JoJo Maman Bebe to bring you these cute sun protection ideas to keep the sun's damaging rays off your child's skin while maintaining a cute, stylish look.

The last thing you want to worry about this summer is having the water essentials your kids need while enjoying the surf and the sun. Before you load up the car and head to the beach, make sure you have these items in tow for your little ones.

Shark 2-Piece Sun Protection Suit

This 2-piece suit is a cute and effective way to protect your child from harmful UV rays. It keeps all the essential areas covered from sunburn, especially the back and shoulders, so he can enjoy the beach longer. Lightweight and quick drying, this suit won’t stick or irritate as he goes from the water to the sand.

Girls’ Floral Sun Protection Hat 

Keep her little face sunburn-free with this floral sun protection hat. Designed with UPF 50+ fabric, it even features a long flap at the back to keep her neck protected. The snug elasticated fit means it stays put all day, even if the beach gets breezy.

Monogrammed Kid’s Beach Chair 

Your mini-me is sure to love their very own beach chair to match yours. Available in pink, purple, and blue, your child’s name or initials are monogrammed right onto the chair and accompanying umbrella. This chair is sure to see many days at the beach this summer.


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